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B-BBEE Transformation

Below is a process map that explains the B-BBEE transformation journey
Phase (1) Gap analysis
Initial client engagement involves the ascertaining of B-BBEE status and to identity areas of improvements. Setting up and building capacity around “B-BBEE process champions” for each of the B-BBEE elements or pillars.
Phase (2) The development of B-BBEE transformation strategy
To assist the company to craft, align and integrate its B-BBEE transformation blue print or road map into the overall company strategy. Data for each element will be gathered from the B-BBEE process champions and scenario planning developed to give clear strategic direction.
Phase (3) Implementation of the strategy
A project plan will be developed with clear deliverables and milestones. The team will be deployed to assist the B-BBEE process champions with execution of the B-BBEE transformation strategy. The team will assist companies with the gathering of source documents and the collation of acceptable working papers and files in preparation for the B-BBEE verification audit(s).
Phase (4) ongoing technical support
The team will monitor and track the B-BBEE transformation road map/strategy to ensure that the desired outcomes are reached. The team will provide technical support and other related services in support of the B-BBEE initiatives.

Auxiliary Services

The company is also involved in the sourcing and supply of the following goods and services:
Blustove and BluFuel (eco-friendly products)
Medical Supplies
Cleaning Materials and Hygiene Products
Other General Supply Services


Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Amendment Act 46 of 2013
13G. Reporting

(1) All spheres of government, public entities and organs of state must report on their compliance with
broad-based black economic empowerment in their audited annual financial statements and annual
reports required under the Public Finance Management Act, 1999 (Act No. 1 of 1999).

(2) All public companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange must provide to the Commission, in
such manner as may be prescribed, a report on their compliance with broad-based black economic

(3) All Sectoral Education and Training Authorities contemplated in the Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act
No. 97 of 1998), must report on skills development spending and programmes to the Commission.
Matlhaba Consulting Company in strategic collaboration with M-Powered
Matlhaba Consulting Company in strategic collaboration with M-Powered promise to deliver on the following;

☑ The development, sales, licencing and support to Small, Medium and Large enterprises with its
brilliant BEE Toolkit.

☑ Provision of training and advisory services to various clientele.

☑ Through best of breed BEE Toolkit, we can proactively provide on time B-BBEE scorecard, help
business enterprises to keep track and monitor their B-BBEE elements (see below examples of
the reports than can be generated).

☑ Provide enterprises with the functionality to upload their documents for audit trail and to make
audit file preparation a seamless process.

☑ Assist enterprises with the preparation of mock B-BBEE certificate, flag and highlight areas of
success and weaknesses and help management to take corrective steps timeously.

☑ Make available to clients Beagle functionality which is a repository where thousands of
enterprises upload their valid B-BBEE certificates.
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